E-commerce and Photoshoot


Project Overview

At Musepods, we had the incredible opportunity to partner with Ripple Tea to enhance their marketing, branding, and social media presence through captivating and creative footages. The goal was to create visuals that not only showcased their products but also evoked emotions, connected with the audience, and left a lasting impression on their customers.

Project Delivery

Completely edited & ready to use footages up to 200 nos were provided to the company for their perusal.

Result and Impact

The footages we created for Ripple Tea received an overwhelmingly positive response, sparking excitement among their audience and leading to increased brand visibility. The visuals significantly contributed to Ripple Tea’s marketing efforts, engaging customers both online and offline. The brand’s social media interaction saw a remarkable boost, with footages being shared and generating buzz across various platforms. Moreover, the e-commerce optimization led to an upsurge in sales, as the captivating visuals persuaded customers to choose Ripple Tea’s products.

Our Services and Approach

  • We worked closely with the Ripple Tea team to understand their brand identity, values, and target audience.
  • Based on our in-depth research and brainstorming sessions, we developed unique concepts that perfectly aligned with Ripple Tea’s vision.
  • Our talented photographers meticulously staged the Ripple Tea products in imaginative settings.
  • The creative backgrounds we selected highlighted the essence of each product, making them visually engaging and memorable.
  • Our team took branding to the next level, ensuring that each footage conveyed the heart and soul of the Ripple Tea brand.
  • Through thoughtful storytelling, we presented the products in a way that connected with the audience on an emotional level.
  • We designed footages that were optimized for social media platforms, encouraging interactions and shares.
  • These visuals were strategically crafted to boost Ripple Tea’s social media engagement and increase brand awareness.
  • Our footages focused on showcasing the high quality and uniqueness of Ripple Tea products, boosting their appeal on e-commerce platforms.
  • The visuals were designed to drive conversions and encourage potential customers to make purchases.
Project Year

2020 December

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