Ad Campaign and Video Production

Kerala State Government

Project Overview

Musepods proudly took on a momentous project commissioned by the Government of Kerala for an election campaign focused on creating awareness and promoting online voting. The objective was to empower citizens with the knowledge of online voting and encourage active participation in the democratic process.

Project Delivery

In just 5 days, we successfully completed a 3-minute video campaign that encapsulated the spirit of democracy and the significance of online voting. The impactful visuals, combined with a compelling message, resonated with citizens, empowering them to embrace online voting as a transformative tool for change.

Result and Impact

We took immense pride in presenting the final video campaign to the Government of Kerala. The seamless execution and timely delivery showcased Musepods’ commitment to driving positive change through creativity. We were honored to contribute to the collective goal of fostering a more engaged and informed electorate.

Our Services and Approach

With unwavering dedication, we embarked on a 5-day race against time to produce a compelling video campaign. Covering all municipalities and capturing Ernakulam district’s essence required a combination of handheld cameras and drones. Our creative team collaborated seamlessly to create a powerful narrative that communicated the importance of online voting and its positive impact on democracy.

Project Year

2021 March

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