A Complete Branding Package


Project Overview

Business Periscope sought to embark on a transformational journey, showcasing their expertise in story sharing and content writing. Musepods took on the task of crafting a compelling brand identity that would resonate with their audience and reflect their unique storytelling prowess.

Project Delivery

With a clear vision in mind, our mission was to deliver a comprehensive branding package for Business Periscope. This included creating a captivating new logo that captured the essence of their storytelling magic. We also designed engaging Instagram posters that ignited curiosity and interest in their content.

Furthermore, we took on the task of developing a full-fledged website that served as an immersive platform for their captivating narratives. Our team crafted impactful business cards that left a memorable impression, along with professional photography and headshots to add a personal touch.

Additionally, we ensured that the website and social media platforms were constantly updated and maintained, keeping Business Periscope’s brand presence fresh and engaging.

Result and Impact

Musepods embraced the challenge with unwavering dedication and creativity, delivering a complete package that exceeded expectations. The brand identity resonated with Business Periscope’s storytelling flair, capturing the hearts of their audience and inspiring connections.

With a captivating website as their storytelling hub and striking business cards that made a lasting impression, Business Periscope stepped into a new chapter of success. Our commitment to constant updates and maintenance ensured that their brand presence remained relevant and impactful in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Empowering Growth: A Journey Unfolds

The journey with Business Periscope exemplifies Musepods’ commitment to empowering brands with the power of storytelling and impactful branding. Together, we created a brand narrative that continues to unfold and captivate their audience, making a mark in the realm of story sharing and content writing.

Project Year

2020 December

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