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> Search and book air tickets and Hotels instantly.> Add and manage passengers.> Allow your employees to manage travel expense throughout their trip.> Extensive reports to help you save and optimize your enterprise travel.
Fortell Travel not only allows you to Book and Manage travels and stays. The extensive information about Destinations allows your travel team to be prepared and your travels to make the best out of their trip.The tool also allows your employees to conveniently manage their Expenses, Receipts etc.
Every company is different. You can define your own custom travel policy to make sure your business travels are compliant. Customize budget limits, duration etc.
Need a high-level detail about your company travels? We’ve got it covered. Need a detailed report for travels, budgets etc? We’ve got it covered too. Our extensive report allows you to understand the data and help you spend less or optimize business travels thereby increasing savings.

For Travel Department and Admins

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